Welcome To Bike & Board Rentals

Electric scooters, electric longboards, and bicycles allow you to sit back and immerse yourself into unforgettable experiences along the coast of California - don't forget your camera. Our adventures start at the boardwalk just south of the world famous pier, in the middle of the Original Muscle Beach of Santa Monica. There is an adrenaline rush everyone experiences that makes you want more. Bring a rider to sit behind you or pickup a stranger while you ride. We also offer beach cruisers for all ages. Small children can enjoy sitting in a trailer or seat towed by the cyclist. Bike & Board Rentals is a small owned and operated vendor giving you the opportunity to stop for lunch, ice cream, snacks and refreshments while on your adventure.

Our prices include taxes and fees for your convenience. Bring a photo ID and any type of Credit Card. We do not charge a deposit. Welcome and we look forward to seeing you on your next adventure.